Upcoming  Events   

When: July 3rd
Time: Dusk

Boat Parade
When: July 4th
Time: 2 pm
Theme: Patriotic

Hot dogs and chips given out at start!!

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Association Information

The Camp Lake Association was started in 1988.  The main purpose of its origin was for Weed Control and to maintain Water Quality.  Initially, much time was spent by the Water Quality committee researching agencies and publications that offered guidance and information on effective methods to prevent the early aging of our lake. 

The association works with Progressive AE the Lake Management Program to determine the best plan to maintain the quality of water safe for swimming, boating, and conducive to the renewal of fish resources.

The association is also active in developing and promoting social events to unite the Camp Lake community.  Annual events include: Winterfest4th of July, Boat Parade.

A newsletter is published to keep Camp Lake riparian property owners informed of events and new information regarding boater safety, riparian rights, and lake issues.  The website and facebook page are other venues to share this information.

The efforts of this association help protect everyone's investment in the Camp Lake area.  Please assist us by joining the association.  Membership is open to anyone and sign up is below.

The Board of Directors is elected bi-yearly at the annual membership meeting held at the Moose lodge in April.  A slate of candidates is set up by the nominating committee chaired by the Past President.  

The Board of Directors meet periodically to discuss issues related to the lake and plan events and social activities.  These meetings are open to any member to attend. The Board is always looking for volunteers to help with the social events.  "Many hands make light work"

Recent Newsletters and Board Meeting Minutes
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2017-2018 Board Members

Barb Orlikowski (Stauffer Dr.)

Brian VanVliet (Maywood Dr.)

Paulette Donnelly (Reyburn Dr.)

Alison Flegel (Reyburn Dr.)

Brandi Vallone (Reyburn Dr.)

Laurie Smith (Stauffer Dr.)

Steve Rickers (Stauffer Dr.)

Sue Smigel (Maywood Dr.)


Sue Smigiel

Judy Hall